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It’s Anniversary Time for The Figure Seven

The start of the new school year isn’t the only thing worth celebrating in September.  Although it’s right up in the top five for me (we have a few September Birthdays too).

The start of September 2014 marks The Figure Seven jumping head first into our third year of business – my how time flies.

While we look to the future with excitement, I take a moment to reflect on year number two.  There are the accomplishments and fun we’ve  had, the new people we’ve met and the four legged friends we feed.

Last fall, at the start of our second year, we made it a goal to increase our product lines and ranges of service.  We now carry 90% of one of our favourite lines, KER.  Kentucky Equine Research is a research based line of cutting edge supplements that simply can’t be beat.  Although a few products from the line have previously been available and well used in Canada, we have broadened the product line, and our clients couldn’t be happier.

February 2014 marked a significant growth in our customer base as we got the word out about our convenience, great products and great prices just in time for spring training.  We expanded our client base straight across Canada from BC, Alberta and Manitoba to several customers across Quebec and Nova Scotia.

In March, while we thought we were lucky to cheer on and support one Canadian potential Olympic dressage contender,

David and Chevris Capital at WEG Photo by Sue Stickle
David and Chevris Capital at WEG
Photo by Sue Stickle

Maya Markowski, we had another approach us wishing to join The Figure Seven team.

In May, upon his return from Florida to Campbelville based DMD, we welcomed David Marcus, his partner Nicholas Fyffe, and their clients to our growing list of satisfied customers.

Since, we have enjoyed watching the team of David and Chevris Capital, who competed in the London 2012 games, take the  international dressage world by storm in Europe this summer.  First competing in the CDIO5 in Achen, then a personal best of 72.30% at the CDI3 in Verden, David finished off with a World Championship debut as a member of the Canadian Dressage team at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy France the end of August.  We couldn’t be prouder to be apart of this team, and will be cheering them on as they strive for success in the future.

In the Quarter Horse field, we watched many of our amazing clients take home too many top prizes to list!  Shelley Scriver

Photo by Jodi Mallette
Photo by Jodi Mallette

and Xena qualified for the Select Worlds in 2015, Hana Buijs and Tucker were Youth Circuit Champs at Summerama, Arlene Hayes was a Circuit Winner in Novice Amateur Trail in the Ohio Buckeye Circuit, MacKenzie Harvie and Bubba took home an

All Around High Point Novice Amateur at the Area three and many more.  Sorry for those I have missed.  A very special thank you to Jodi Mallette and JM Quarter Horses for making sure The Figure Seven is a part of the OQHA circuit at every turn.   We love our QH’s!!

Also in the summer of 2014, we watched our good friends in the racing industry bring RUS to life as they found new hope in a twist to the sport.  Racing Under Saddle accomplished a huge goal when the starting gate went on their first wagering event at Clinton

Photo By Korina McLean
Photo By Korina McLean

Raceway.  They enjoyed more of the same through out the summer at several race tracks across Ontario.  Their events brought thundering crowds and mountains of support for RUS.  Congratulations to all involved.  Your hard work and dedication paid off.  To be a part of the excitement, visit RUS.

So, in closing we thank everyone who has helped push us to new heights in 2014, and we can’t wait to see what year number three brings.  Have a great September!!

You Love Omega Alpha? So do we! Super Sale time!

We are featuring the Omega Alpha products from now until the end of May.  With an amazing selection to suit all needs and cure all that ails, there is something for everyone.

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Antiflam –  Reduces pain resulting from inflammation.

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Chill – Calm down horses that stress, or are hot under saddle for an easier ride.

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Digestive Support II – Yeast and the Farting Horse

horse fart

When you look at the ingredient list of many feeds and digestive supplements, you will see some sort of yeast inclusion.  Why is this?  How beneficial is it, and when do you need it?

The digestive tract is full of components and organisms that help the horse break down, digest, and uptake nutrients.  Yeast is a microscopic fungus that grows on plant sugars and certain cultures can enhance the activity of good (beneficial) hind-gut activity in your horse.  Not to be mistaken for curing hind gut issues, just enhancing proper activity.

Yeasts are high in B-Complex vitamins, and food yeasts are 40-55% protein and contain all the essential amino acids for complete protein utilization. Brewer’s yeast and distiller’s grains can be incorporated into equine diets as a means of increasing protein values.

Yeast improves utilization of feed and inhibition of pathogenic organisms. The yeast saccharomyces has similar benefits to probiotic bacteria and has been shown to reduce lactate and acidity in grain-fed horses.

Research indicates horses who consume large amounts of grain can enjoy improved fiber digestion when also fed yeast probiotics.

Another yeast, aspergillus oryza (also well known as the source for many extremely beneficial digestive enzymes), is often given as a prebiotic and a probiotic. It actually produces lactic acid (the exact opposite of saccharomyces), and provides a source of food for many beneficial bacteria.

So, where does the farting come in?

When fungi die off, flatulence increases.  Many of us pay close attention to changes in flatulence as it can indicate a gas build up and need for concern in certain situations such as colic.  When we see scenarios where the fungi may have been compromised, we need to prioritize replacing the fungi and building up a new level of support.

What causes the fungi to die off?  There are many things that can disrupt the natural flora in the digestive tract.  Things like stress, shipping, feed changes, high sugar feeds, hormone imbalances, antibiotic treatments, and worming to name a few.

So how important is it to purchase a digestive supplement with a yeast component in it?  If you have a horse that stresses, had changes in bowel movement frequency/consistency, travels a lot, or has had incidences of colic, it can be extremely beneficial.

Be careful.  There are many feeds out there that use added yeast as a selling feature, but very rarely do you see any of them list actual levels of inclusion for the yeast.  Paying extra for this potential gimmick leaves many disappointed with the advertised results.  Using a supplement with a listed level of yeast additive is always the best way to ensure your horse has the help it may need to keep a happy digestive tract.

If you have questions on finding the right digestive supplement for your horse, contact us at www.thefigureseven.ca


Supplement Marketing – Buyer Beware


The other day I had a few minutes while visiting a local equine supply store, so I thought I would browse the supplement isle.  It never hurts to see what everyone else is selling, find a few new products, and make sure our pricing is competitive.

On a large display along the back, I came across a fairly popular supplement line, and noticed they had some new labelling and a few names I hadn’t heard of yet.  Checking out the labels, I was quite impressed.  Now, had I been a regular customer looking for a good deal, I probably would have fell hook line and sinker for their pretty label claims on value for the product.

On the top of the 1 kg (1000g) pail I picked up – which ended up being a respiratory aid – it said “100 day supply” and “$0.57 per day!”

At first I thought Wow, great deal.  I need to check this out!

I turned to the side label which read:


So, there is a 10g scoop enclosed.  If a horse was fed 1 scoop per day, this would indeed be a 100 day supply, and cost $0.57/day.  However, nowhere do I see a single scoop dosage in the feeding directions.

Assuming the average horse would be in the 1000lb range, we are talking 3 scoops per day.  Well that changes things!  Now this $57.00 pail becomes a 33 day supply, at $1.71 per day.

Only feeding an 850lb horse?  That makes it a 50 day supply for $1.14 per day.

Unfortunately, this deception was a common thread throughout the newer supplements in the same line.  Advertising that the container would last so many days, and cost x amount per day, but those figures didn’t coincide with the feeding directions on the side.

I suppose nothing is free of the dishonesty that comes with marketers trying to make a buck, so like everything else, it’s up to the consumer to be aware of what they are buying, check and double check.

Here at The Figure Seven, we inform our customers what the exact dosage is they are purchasing, and the exact price per day they pay for that dosage.  30 days lasts 30 days, no gimmicks, no false marketing.

To get your exact dose at a precise price, no hidden directions, visit us at The Figure Seven


Trainer Jodi Mallette – Featuring Carly Epp


Since late 2012, we have had the opportunity to work with AQHA Professional Horsewoman Jodi Mallette, and her fantastic group of clients.  This month, we are excited to features one of Jodi’s youth riders, and her great achievements.

Carly Epp – PF Shy Guy


Carly has been training with Jodi for 6 years, and started with PF Shy Guy “Gery” as a 3 year old in 2009.  This young gelding was purchased from Rapley Show horses after being stared in pleasure as a 2 year old.

Carly and Gery won their way to the top of several OQHA youth titles in 2012 including Youth Trail Champion, and Youth Western Pleasure Champion.  As well, their Area 3 list of Championships led them to win the Youth 14-18 High Point Award.

The team then went and added a Congress Championship to their list of accomplishments in 2012.  They took home the championship in  Novice Youth Trail 14-18, and placed 7th in Novice youth showmanship.

In 2013, after qualifying for and attending the AQHYA World show, Carly and Gery went on to bring home a Top 20 from the 2013 AQHA Congress in Western Riding.

With a youth show career this exciting, it is not hard to believe that Carly is now representing the Texas Christian University on their Equestrian Team.

We wish you much luck in your upcoming events!

The Figure Seven has been very proud to serve such a fantastic team.  For more information on Gery’s Supplements, or a program for your competitor, contact us here

Prebiotic or Probiotic – when to use and how

horse winter

This is a nice follow up to the flu season “nanosill” post as digestive issues typically correspond with sickness or “stress”.

While many owners typically use either a prebiotic, or probiotic during the show season (or sometimes both), it’s important to understand how each one works and when it is needed.

Also keeping in mind that foaling season being just around the corner, and the importance of keeping everyone digestively happy pre and post parturition.

The digestive microbial population is made up of several hundred different types and strains of organisms. The numbers and ratios are constantly shifting as the horse eats and drinks, but a healthy balance is usually maintained. Illness, modifications to feed or exercise schedule, or any other kind of stress can cause a large enough change in the intestinal environment to allow one type of microbe to multiply quickly or another type to decline in numbers.

The result of these changes may be mild problems such as diarrhea, or more serious conditions such as colic or laminitis.


Probiotics are live microbial cultures. They may include bacteria such as Lactobacillus acidophilus, Streptococcus faecium, and Bacillus subtilis; fungi such as Aspergillus oryzae; and yeast strains such as Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Included in a feed mix in powdered or granulated form, probiotics continually introduce beneficial organisms that may be depleted by daily management.

Research with horses indicates that live yeast culture supplementation helps to limit undesirable changes in the intestinal ecosystem, reducing variations in lactic acid concentrations and pH levels after large grain meals. In growing horses, yeast increased the digestibility of ADF, NDF, calcium, phosphorus, and zinc.


Prebiotics are substances that support intestinal microorganisms. By providing easily utilized nutrients or creating a favorable environment, prebiotics encourage the growth of a microbial strain that may have been depleted or overwhelmed by a digestive upset. Yeast, a common prebiotic, furnishes amino acids and oligosaccharides that nourish desirable bacteria. There is also evidence that some prebiotics enhance the equine immune system.

There are several supplements on the market that combine both Prebiotic and Probiotic components, and can help keep your horses digestive system running efficiently, and keep them working happy.

To find the supplement that is right for you contact us via email, or phone.

Jen@thefigureseven.ca   |    519-699-0303

The Results are In – Top Selling Supplements of 2013


I consistently tell my clients that the best part about my job is that we get to represent the very best supplements and recommend from a vast number of options without loyalty to a certain brand.

Being able to carry the supplements our customers love makes our job that much easier.  If anyone is interested, the proof is in the sales “pudding”.  Here were our top 10 Sellers in 2013.

Click on to view a chart of our top 10 sellers:


Top Convenience Pack combinations were

1. Recovery EQ Extra Strength + Omega Alpha Equicel Lyte

2. Equishure + Certaflex

3.  Vitamin E/Se + Apple Eh + Certaflex

When it comes to most commonly used categories, the Joint supplements won, followed by Digestive Aids, and Electrolytes.

Post a comment on your favourite combination of supplements, and get a $10 discount on your first Convenience Pack order.