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It’s Anniversary Time for The Figure Seven

The start of the new school year isn’t the only thing worth celebrating in September.  Although it’s right up in the top five for me (we have a few September Birthdays too).

The start of September 2014 marks The Figure Seven jumping head first into our third year of business – my how time flies.

While we look to the future with excitement, I take a moment to reflect on year number two.  There are the accomplishments and fun we’ve  had, the new people we’ve met and the four legged friends we feed.

Last fall, at the start of our second year, we made it a goal to increase our product lines and ranges of service.  We now carry 90% of one of our favourite lines, KER.  Kentucky Equine Research is a research based line of cutting edge supplements that simply can’t be beat.  Although a few products from the line have previously been available and well used in Canada, we have broadened the product line, and our clients couldn’t be happier.

February 2014 marked a significant growth in our customer base as we got the word out about our convenience, great products and great prices just in time for spring training.  We expanded our client base straight across Canada from BC, Alberta and Manitoba to several customers across Quebec and Nova Scotia.

In March, while we thought we were lucky to cheer on and support one Canadian potential Olympic dressage contender,

David and Chevris Capital at WEG Photo by Sue Stickle
David and Chevris Capital at WEG
Photo by Sue Stickle

Maya Markowski, we had another approach us wishing to join The Figure Seven team.

In May, upon his return from Florida to Campbelville based DMD, we welcomed David Marcus, his partner Nicholas Fyffe, and their clients to our growing list of satisfied customers.

Since, we have enjoyed watching the team of David and Chevris Capital, who competed in the London 2012 games, take the  international dressage world by storm in Europe this summer.  First competing in the CDIO5 in Achen, then a personal best of 72.30% at the CDI3 in Verden, David finished off with a World Championship debut as a member of the Canadian Dressage team at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy France the end of August.  We couldn’t be prouder to be apart of this team, and will be cheering them on as they strive for success in the future.

In the Quarter Horse field, we watched many of our amazing clients take home too many top prizes to list!  Shelley Scriver

Photo by Jodi Mallette
Photo by Jodi Mallette

and Xena qualified for the Select Worlds in 2015, Hana Buijs and Tucker were Youth Circuit Champs at Summerama, Arlene Hayes was a Circuit Winner in Novice Amateur Trail in the Ohio Buckeye Circuit, MacKenzie Harvie and Bubba took home an

All Around High Point Novice Amateur at the Area three and many more.  Sorry for those I have missed.  A very special thank you to Jodi Mallette and JM Quarter Horses for making sure The Figure Seven is a part of the OQHA circuit at every turn.   We love our QH’s!!

Also in the summer of 2014, we watched our good friends in the racing industry bring RUS to life as they found new hope in a twist to the sport.  Racing Under Saddle accomplished a huge goal when the starting gate went on their first wagering event at Clinton

Photo By Korina McLean
Photo By Korina McLean

Raceway.  They enjoyed more of the same through out the summer at several race tracks across Ontario.  Their events brought thundering crowds and mountains of support for RUS.  Congratulations to all involved.  Your hard work and dedication paid off.  To be a part of the excitement, visit RUS.

So, in closing we thank everyone who has helped push us to new heights in 2014, and we can’t wait to see what year number three brings.  Have a great September!!

Show your Support for the New Standardbred Sport – Racing Under Saddle

Support RUS with The Figure Seven – 50% of all orders placed will go directly to RUS.


A feisty team of motivated women are taking the standardbred racing scene by storm.  Doing so much more than looking good on back of a standardbred, this new line of jockeys aren’t sitting back and waiting for things to happen, they are making them happen.  In an industry that looked bleak after having their financial carpet pulled out from under them, RUS offers a shimmer of excitement – something new and fantastically entertaining.

Without full funding from the industry commissions, they have the added challenge of funding their passion and bring it to a level and class of it’s own.

This is why we have chosen to show our support by donating 50% of all sales between now and midnight March 30th to the cause.  Operating funds are key!

Log on to www.thefigureseven.ca and place your orders now.

Show your support and help bring back the entertainment behind racing.

To learn more about RUS and how you can become involved or help the cause, visit www.rusontario.com