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Spring Training – Looking back to move forward


Although the forecast is still pretty chilly for the next couple weeks, many of us are getting the itch.  A little bit of sunshine does that to a person.  Spring is somewhere in the air!  It’s faint but we are sure it’s there.  Time to ramp up and get into high gear preparing for the upcoming show season.

If you are needing a check list, consider the following when hitting the work ring a little harder in the next few weeks.


This winter was a long and cold one.  Many horses lost more condition than usual simply because they needed more energy than usual just to keep warm.  Take a good look at your horses condition and weight allowing you to evaluate their necessity to put on a few pounds or not.  Making a slight feed increase to increase calories can be proactive in your horse dropping weight more rapidly with increased work.  If you aren’t sure whether you are doing a proper evaluation,  We do free consults, and are experienced in feeds.  There is a contact form at the bottom of this post.


Take a minute to consider the condition your horse is in yyyycompared to coming out of the show season last year.  Were you happy with their condition last year?  How far off are they this year and how long will it take to get that condition back?  Looking back to look ahead will help you identify where you might need any changes in your program this year.  Whether it be stamina, muscle, coat or hoof condition, The Figure Seven has what you need to keep your horse in tip top shape this year.

Muscle Builders

These typically take 2 to 3 months to show much for muscleresults, so if you are looking for something to tone your horse out, now is the time to start.  There are so many “Body Building” supplements on the market and with such a long time to see results, it’s one of the hardest supplements to choose.  New to the Canadian Market is Muscle Tone from the already popular “Finish Line” collection of supplements.  Used by many top of the line, south of the border trainers, we are extremely happy to add it to our inventory.

Coat Conditioners

While the UV index isn’t all that high quite yet, if your horse spends time uncovered outside, it’s not too early to start thinking about a coat colour protectant.  Fed on a daily basis, coat conditioners and protectants ensure you have a glossy coat for your FIRST and last show of the season.  Nu Image and Nu Image Dark Horse have been used by show men for years with incredible success.

Hoof Conditioners

The common phrase “no hoof no horse” couldn’t be more true with the upcoming muddy season we are about to experience.  Abscesses won’t be uncommon and getting the healthiest hoof possible will put you help ensure you don’t have lay up time this spring.  Grand Meadows Grand Hoof is one of the top hoof supplements in it’s class, and with a pelleted form, has incredible palatability.