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Show your Support for the New Standardbred Sport – Racing Under Saddle

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A feisty team of motivated women are taking the standardbred racing scene by storm.  Doing so much more than looking good on back of a standardbred, this new line of jockeys aren’t sitting back and waiting for things to happen, they are making them happen.  In an industry that looked bleak after having their financial carpet pulled out from under them, RUS offers a shimmer of excitement – something new and fantastically entertaining.

Without full funding from the industry commissions, they have the added challenge of funding their passion and bring it to a level and class of it’s own.

This is why we have chosen to show our support by donating 50% of all sales between now and midnight March 30th to the cause.  Operating funds are key!

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Show your support and help bring back the entertainment behind racing.

To learn more about RUS and how you can become involved or help the cause, visit



Maya and Lumiere – another fantastic season in Florida

maya NC

Aside from the obvious awesomeness at being in a southern state to endure what seems to be worst winter in many years, Maya Markowski and Lumiere are using their time wisely to chalk up some scores up for Canadians in the dressage ring.

After several great finishes in the Global ring, Maya and Lumiere were selected to 2014 Canada Team 2 for the CDIO Nations Cup, February 19-23 in Wellington.

Out of the 9 teams participating Canada Team 2 placed a solid 5th with a combined score of 400.632, less than 14 points behind Canada Team 1 who placed 2nd and 23 points behind Team USA placing first.

The pair, who are sponsored by The Figure Seven, will continue to train at Stillpoint farm with some of the worlds top dressage riders until the Canadian winter decides to let up – maybe we’ll see you in July Maya!

Keep making us proud!


Following Maya and Lumiere at Stillpoint Farm Dressage – Florida Show season


Sponsored rider Maya Markowski and mount Lumiere have now settled in the sunny south – somewhere many of us wish we were after the crazy weather this season has thrown at us.

Here is the most recent update on what the two will be up to for the next three months at Stillpoint Farm Dressage in Wellington, Florida, owned by top dressage rider “Tuny” Page.

The two will obviously be enjoying lovely weather and a gorgeous facility while training with David Marcus, alongside many other top trainers and riders from across Canada, the US and Europe.

Nearing the end of July, the team will be competing in the GDF3 CDIW held at the Global Dressage show grounds.
As well, Maya has declared Lumiere for the 2014 Nations Cup this winter in Wellington. She hopes to qualify and represent Canada in the GDF7 CDIO3*/3* and National show Feb 19 to 23 at the Global show grounds.
We will be cheering Maya and Lumiere on over the course of their show season, and posting results.
Best of luck!



Owned by Julie Walker and Jean Bernard Renaud, this filly might appear to be an underdog, but her potential on the track is already starting to show.

Purchased at the London sale as a yearling in the fall of 2013, she had digestive issues when introduced to grain.  Extremely loose stool and poor coat condition were tell tale signs that she needed some digestive help.  After a few months on Kombat Boots sponsored by The Figure Seven, she seems to be doing much better.

We wish this team a superstar 2014, and can’t wait to update you on their progress in the New Year

Wishing Figure Seven Team Member Maya Markowski and Lumiere a great Season in Florida

Wishing Figure Seven Team Member Maya Markowski and Lumiere a great Season in Florida

Olympic hopefuls Maya and Lumiere are heading south to further pursue their 2016 Olympic Dreams.
After being selected to compete as Canadian delegates in the Nations Cup in March of 2013, we wish them a season as good as the last.