Supplement Marketing – Buyer Beware


The other day I had a few minutes while visiting a local equine supply store, so I thought I would browse the supplement isle.  It never hurts to see what everyone else is selling, find a few new products, and make sure our pricing is competitive.

On a large display along the back, I came across a fairly popular supplement line, and noticed they had some new labelling and a few names I hadn’t heard of yet.  Checking out the labels, I was quite impressed.  Now, had I been a regular customer looking for a good deal, I probably would have fell hook line and sinker for their pretty label claims on value for the product.

On the top of the 1 kg (1000g) pail I picked up – which ended up being a respiratory aid – it said “100 day supply” and “$0.57 per day!”

At first I thought Wow, great deal.  I need to check this out!

I turned to the side label which read:


So, there is a 10g scoop enclosed.  If a horse was fed 1 scoop per day, this would indeed be a 100 day supply, and cost $0.57/day.  However, nowhere do I see a single scoop dosage in the feeding directions.

Assuming the average horse would be in the 1000lb range, we are talking 3 scoops per day.  Well that changes things!  Now this $57.00 pail becomes a 33 day supply, at $1.71 per day.

Only feeding an 850lb horse?  That makes it a 50 day supply for $1.14 per day.

Unfortunately, this deception was a common thread throughout the newer supplements in the same line.  Advertising that the container would last so many days, and cost x amount per day, but those figures didn’t coincide with the feeding directions on the side.

I suppose nothing is free of the dishonesty that comes with marketers trying to make a buck, so like everything else, it’s up to the consumer to be aware of what they are buying, check and double check.

Here at The Figure Seven, we inform our customers what the exact dosage is they are purchasing, and the exact price per day they pay for that dosage.  30 days lasts 30 days, no gimmicks, no false marketing.

To get your exact dose at a precise price, no hidden directions, visit us at The Figure Seven


Trainer Jodi Mallette – Featuring Carly Epp


Since late 2012, we have had the opportunity to work with AQHA Professional Horsewoman Jodi Mallette, and her fantastic group of clients.  This month, we are excited to features one of Jodi’s youth riders, and her great achievements.

Carly Epp – PF Shy Guy


Carly has been training with Jodi for 6 years, and started with PF Shy Guy “Gery” as a 3 year old in 2009.  This young gelding was purchased from Rapley Show horses after being stared in pleasure as a 2 year old.

Carly and Gery won their way to the top of several OQHA youth titles in 2012 including Youth Trail Champion, and Youth Western Pleasure Champion.  As well, their Area 3 list of Championships led them to win the Youth 14-18 High Point Award.

The team then went and added a Congress Championship to their list of accomplishments in 2012.  They took home the championship in  Novice Youth Trail 14-18, and placed 7th in Novice youth showmanship.

In 2013, after qualifying for and attending the AQHYA World show, Carly and Gery went on to bring home a Top 20 from the 2013 AQHA Congress in Western Riding.

With a youth show career this exciting, it is not hard to believe that Carly is now representing the Texas Christian University on their Equestrian Team.

We wish you much luck in your upcoming events!

The Figure Seven has been very proud to serve such a fantastic team.  For more information on Gery’s Supplements, or a program for your competitor, contact us here