Collodial Silver – Flu Season is here!


Living through the flu season with school and daycare aged children at home is no easy task.  Dealing with a bug running through the barn isn’t much different and can sometimes be harder to manage.  You can’t simply keep your horse home to avoid getting sick or getting others sick.

So how do you prevent the flu bug from hitting your horse?  There are a number of immune boosters out there that aim to help the system in the event that they are exposed to viral or bacterial sickness.  There are also antibiotics that can also help depending on the cause of infection.  Otherwise, are we stuck with waiting it out??

Enter stage left – Colloids

In the European horse world, which is extremely strict when it comes to administering anything to your competing horse, colloidal silver has been used to heal everything from respiratory infections, to skin abrasions.  It is capable of killing several viral and bacterial strains that are untouchable by other methods of cure.

Colloidal Gold has long been used to increase mental acuity, improving calmness, manage inflammation – specifically in the joints, and treat skin conditions.

After a great deal of research, The Figure Seven is happy to announce an addition to our already great lines of supplement. Nanosill is a combination of colloidal silver and gold with an endless list of health benefits.


To learn more about keeping your herd healthy with Nanosill, visit our info page here.

Wishing everyone a healthy, phlegm free few months!

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