Equine Choice Probiotics – The Newly formulated Gen 2 replaces “multi vitamin”

healthy_horses_Aug20_2011_007It has long been used and recommended by horse people across the country. Although, through necessity of registration, it was labeled as a “multi vitamin”, wide spread knowledge on the product put it in the probiotics and digestive aid classification of supplements. Many have found this product to not only increase their horses over all health, but to fix problems such as hay belly, excess gas, and runny poop.

Near the end of December, Animal Pro announced that due to much needed changes in regulations, they are able to alter the labeling and ingredients in their “multi vitamin” product to reflect the uses they had originally intended. As a result, these changes have not only created a superior product, but kept it at a cost that is within everyone’s budget.

Paying great attention to the mycotoxin levels present in other carriers, they have changed their carrier from a corn based product to oat based products (oil/flour). They have added Mannan Oligosaccharides (MOS) to give it a prebiotic effect, as well as adding L-Glutamine and L-Threonine to aid in digestive healing for compromised horses. Lastly, they bumped up the active ingredients (enzymes, bacteria, and yeast) added a salting of B Vitamins, and VOILA.

I know the word is slowly getting out there of the changes, and it’s only a short matter of time before people restock and figure it out for themselves – if they haven’t already heard. I know we are excited to re-introduce Gen 2 to our customers who already love the original product, and recommend it to more.

For more information and details, click HERE to see the new label. You can also visit http://www.thefigureseven.ca to see pricing and Convenience Pack details

www.thefigureseven.ca| jen@thefigureseven.ca |            519-699-0303

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