Succeed vs. Equishure – What IS the difference??

succeed1   VS    EquiShure_190

One of the most common questions that I get across the board is “What is the difference between Succeed and Equishure?”

Given that these two supplements have completely different purposes, it is important to understand when to use which, or when to use them together.

Succeed is typically given as an omeprazole follow up for horses that are prone to relapses in ulcers. It has several beneficial digestive qualities, and can be used long term as a energy booster and digestive aid.

The prebiotic component in Succeed aids in hindgut health by providing essential nutrients to the digestive bacterial allowing them to flourish and properly digest feedstuffs.  It also contains several other ingredients geared towards soothing, healing, and maintaining the digestive system to provide the best energy possible for your horse.

Equishure on the other hand, has one main ingredient.  Encapsulated baking soda.  Known for it’s neutralizing properties, baking soda has long been used as a buffer to raise the pH of the horses digestive system allowing a proper environment for flora growth and digestion.

The encapsulation allows the baking soda to pass through the acid environment of the stomach without being processed or digested.

A common misconception is that the Succeed will quickly deal with hindgut acidosis.  The principle behind the healing properties of Succeed in the hindgut are limited.  It uses the concept of creating a healthy foregut, and providing building blocks for a healthy hindgut to create a positive environment for proper digestion in the hindgut.

In cases of severe acidosis, where the pH has been consistently low and caused a complete disruption in the digestive flora, it can take a few treatments to get your horse back to a digestively efficient state.

This is when it is much quicker to use the Equishure to work on hindgut acidosis from a neutralization point.  Because it is encapsulated for time release, it proceeds through foregut digestion untouched and becomes active in the hindgut creating a pH that is beneficial for digestive bacteria and enzymes.

Quite often, it is recommended that the Succeed be used with the Equishure for the first month or two in treating hindgut acidosis.  This practice is not only safe, but very efficient.  The buffering of the Equishure provides a healthy environment for the Succeed’s building blocks to quickly rebuild and healthy hindgut.

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